A rusty fire pit

Corten Fire Pit First Rust - Sticks and stones

A rusty fire pit

If you have visited the Sticks and Stones shop over the past two months you may have noticed something a little different out front – a full moon fire pit that was slowly rusting.

This particular fire pit is made of corten, a group of steel alloys designed to develop a stable rust-like finish if left outside. The great thing about corten is that products made with this steel alloy rust but only to a stable degree. This rust-like finish does not erode the product, and once established, the finish does not require any maintenance.

We are in love with the look of corten, and the ease of care. Literally place outside and let it get beautiful! We are thrilled to now offer our full moon fire pit in corten. Give us a call to discuss!

See how it evolves……




July 24, 2015