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To Cover or Not to Cover

As the weather turns brisk and our clients start to prepare for the impending winter weather we always get a few of the same phone calls….. "Help, what do I do with my fire pit over the winter?". Well, you can do
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Another ‘stamp of approval’ for Sticks and Stones

Need another reason to purchase one of absolutely fabulous fire pits? Well here is one more – our burners are now certified as safe by the BC Safety Authority. What does this mean you ask? Well, we worked our way through
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Designs for a ‘Small Space’ World

I absolutely love the world of design! There I said it….. Why? The world of design is ever evolving, inspiration is all around us and the best designers are always re-inventing themselves. Our cities are changing, high-density is not just an option
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A rusty fire pit

A rusty fire pit If you have visited the Sticks and Stones shop over the past two months you may have noticed something a little different out front - a full moon fire pit that was slowly rusting. This particular fire pit is
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Fire Pit 101

With all the available options today, choosing an outdoor fire pit can be an overwhelming task. Not to fear, we firmly believe that with the right information it can (and should) be an enjoyable experience. Sticks and Stones Furniture founder, Yves St
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