Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We get a lot of questions about our company and our products.

Here is a list of the most common questions, all answered by company founder, Yves St Hilaire.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to visit our contact page or give us a call at 604-542-1322

Fire pit FAQ
 What type of fuel sources do you offer for fire pits?

We offer natural gas, and propane burners for all our outdoor fire pits. For indoor use we are happy to offer the Ecosmart ethanol burner. We are a big fan of these bioethanol burners as they require no vent and burn very clean.

 Should I cover my fire pit?

Personally I would never cover a fire pit for a couple of reasons; primarily a cover encourages moisture build up and potential for mold, second because I like the patina the concrete gets when exposed to the natural elements.

 How many BTUs do your fire pits put out?

Most of our fire pits have natural gas or propane inserts that put out approximately 65,000 BTU’s. Our custom fire pits can go up to 100,000 BTU’s.

Our Ecosmart inserts range from 8,500 to 18,000 BTU’s.

 How do your fire pits work? Are they safe?

Our fire pits run on 3 types of fuel; natural gas, propane (otherwise known as LP gas) same fuel found in regular barbeque tanks, or we can use ethanol with an Eco smart burner.

Our firepits are safe, and in fact are CSA and UL approved for both Canada and the US.

Furniture FAQ
General FAQ
 Where do you ship your products?

We are happy to ship our products anywhere in the world. Our products are all different dimensions and weights, which has a big impact on shipping costs. The cost of shipping will vary quite a bit from piece to piece, for an estimate please give us a call at 604-542-1322.

 Do you offer a warranty?

We measure and calculate our mix design to minimize the chance of having deficiencies. Small hairline cracks that may occur are not of structural concern.  However, as accidents can happen, we offer a 12 month warranty against any cracks that are 1/16″ or larger.

On kitchen counters you may get a hairline crack near the edge of the sink or the tap, this could be caused from movement or settling of the foundation of the house. (Living in an earthquake zone could in fact be a reason why a new crack could appear years after installation). Also could be if cabinets are not perfectly level, if a plumber tightens a fixture to tight  which all of these things will create a stress in the vulnerable areas like sink edges or taps. This will not affect the function of any concrete counters or table tops.

In our outdoor furniture such as fire pits hairline cracks may occur as there is a range in temperature from the inside (near the fire) to the outside. This is call “thermal expansion” and can contribute to a crack that is 1/16” or smaller. Your fire pit has been designed to vent properly and all attempts are made to avoid any cracks, but they can occur. One thing to watch for is the wind blowing the flame sideways and the concrete surface getting too hot from the direct contact.

If your concrete gets a crack larger than a 1/16” please call us and we’ll address the issue.

Our burners also  have 1 year warranty.

 I have heard concrete products stain?

Yes, all concrete products can stain. We use the best eco-friendly sealers available but they have their limitations. There are three reasons why we use the sealers that we use and we have gone the extra mile to find the best solution to protect your concrete.

1st: our sealers are eco-friendly and non-toxic, so they do not harm our team, the fish, or you!

2nd: they are easy to apply (also great for our team).

3rd: they are readily available through us, or anywhere in Canada and the US.

If our pieces are left outdoors and/or get well used, we guarantee they will form a patina. If you want a material that doesn’t change, looks the same as it ages, and will never stain we recommend you consider different materials. Our products will get the patina that many people want, but please make sure this is right for you

 Do your products require any maintenance after purchase?

Yes, our products are made of natural materials so they will age, change and patina. Our firepits will need some love every spring. We recommend using 100% Tung Oil to help protect the piece from drying out and to give it more depth.  This is a food safe product and is commonly used on kitchen cutting boards.

Our concrete countertops have a coat of wax on them to help protect from scratches. We recommend a new coat of food safe wax be applied at least once a year.

A full set of recommendations are provided with any Sticks and Stones Furniture piece.

 Is there a chance the concrete will crack?

Yes, there is always a chance that concrete will crack. If it was to crack it would be very subtle and appear as a hairline through the concrete. With outdoor pieces such as fire pits, the edges near the burner get hot and the outside edge can be very cold, causing expansion and shrinkage and potentially, a hairline crack.  These are not structural and will not affect the performance of your fire pit.

On kitchen counters you may get a hairline crack near the edge of the sink or the tap. For more details please read our warranty tab. (Above)

 How much do your products cost?

All of our signature product prices can be found online in on our website. They range from $3000 for a fire pit to $17000 for a large fire pit and bench ensemble.

For custom work, we can give a quote after we know a bit more about the concept, size and function of a piece.  We can quote from any type of drawing including; CAD, Google sketch up, a napkin doodle, and sometimes even a conversation provides enough information.