Do you offer a warranty?

We measure and calculate our mix design to minimize the chance of having deficiencies. Small hairline cracks that may occur are not of structural concern.  However, as accidents can happen, we offer a 12 month warranty against any cracks that are 1/16″ or larger.

On kitchen counters you may get a hairline crack near the edge of the sink or the tap, this could be caused from movement or settling of the foundation of the house. (Living in an earthquake zone could in fact be a reason why a new crack could appear years after installation). Also could be if cabinets are not perfectly level, if a plumber tightens a fixture to tight  which all of these things will create a stress in the vulnerable areas like sink edges or taps. This will not affect the function of any concrete counters or table tops.

In our outdoor furniture such as fire pits hairline cracks may occur as there is a range in temperature from the inside (near the fire) to the outside. This is call “thermal expansion” and can contribute to a crack that is 1/16” or smaller. Your fire pit has been designed to vent properly and all attempts are made to avoid any cracks, but they can occur. One thing to watch for is the wind blowing the flame sideways and the concrete surface getting too hot from the direct contact.

If your concrete gets a crack larger than a 1/16” please call us and we’ll address the issue.

Our burners also  have 1 year warranty.

December 18, 2014