Many companies are forged in boardrooms, over business plans, sticky notes, and piles of legal documents.  Others, like Sticks and Stones Furniture, are born a little less traditionally; in a back alley.

Founder and artisan; Yves St Hilaire, spent many years designing and building concrete fireplace surrounds, as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops. He soon realized the endless possibilities, inherent beauty, and function of his three favourite materials; concrete, wood and metal. “A perfect fusion.”

It was while contemplating ways that he could bring the unique beauty of concrete to every room in the house that St Hilaire stopped to chat with furniture-maker Roland Benesocky in the back alley behind their two respective studios. Yves always enjoyed working collaboratively with other designers, and solicited advice from Roland about merging their talents and creating a wood-and-concrete table as a gift for his wife.

That initial collaboration, born of a passion to simply create something special with the two materials, spawned a small artisan company with big design ideals. It’s a place where design matters, and that same, loving craftsmanship is put into every piece. It’s where a commitment to the environment is as important as the choice of materials… and where a couple of guys who were just chatting in the alley came to earn accolades and awards for innovation and design insight.