Outdoor Fire Pits – To Cover or Not to Cover

Social Circle Fire Pit high view with friends - Sticks and Stones

As the weather turns brisk and our clients start to prepare for the impending winter weather we always get a few of the same phone calls….. “Help, what do I do with my fire pit over the winter?”.

Well, you can do a couple of things, either leave it operational and cozy up on those cold winter nights. There is nothing like a hot cup of cocoa or blueberry tea paired with some wool socks and fire pit to warm the soul. The winter elements will create a beautiful ‘weathered’ patina on the fire pit. Rain and snow will not damage your fire pit, so it is completely safe to leave it open for the winter.

Never cover your fire pit with any kind of plastic protection as this will simply result in mold and mildew – yuck! If you would like to cover your fire pit for the winter we sell fire pit covers made of WeatherMax fabric, with vinyl chafe protection for $125. We recommend these type of covers as they do not support the growth of mold or mildew.

The WeatherMax covers are easy to pull on and off, so keep that cocoa handy whether you cover or not!




June 19, 2017