Transcontinental Indeed!

Vector suitcase

Our pieces are being shipped far and wide these days. In fact, I think our pieces are more travelled than we are!

From New York to Hawaii, our pieces are popping up all across North America. One of our favourites has to be the custom countertops that went to New York for use at Wyndham Mountain Ski Resort. These gorgeous concrete bar tops feature a metal inlay depicting the Hudson River as it winds across New York state. Check out these pics taken during production….

NYS_Bar_3 NYS_Bar_2 NYS_Bar_1

This week we are creating a custom fire pit for SKY Waikiki in Hawaii. This new lounge/bistro/nightclub will feature a custom fire pit inspired by the molten lava of the hawaiian islands. We have never created anything like this piece and are loving every moment of this creative process. For more information on SKY Waikiki please visit their website.

Where to next? I have always wanted to visit Portland, anyone needs a fire pit in Oregon??

June 25, 2015